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Root Canal Procedure

The tissue inside of a healthy tooth consist of nerves and blood vessels called dental pulp.  this dental pulp provides blood flow to the tooth that is crucial to tooth development.  The nerve tissue consists sense hot and cold and can become sensitive when dental cavities are present or if there is dental trauma.

When the nerve and blood vessels inside a tooth become infected with bacteria, root canal therapy may be necessary to restore the tooth to full health.  During root canal treatment, your Lone Tree endodontist removes the tissue and bacteria from inside the tooth with a series of root canal instruments.  The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like material to help prevent bacteria from reinfecting he tooth.

GentleWave Technology

The GentleWave procedure uses acoustic energy and advance fluid flow to gently clean bacteria and debris from inside the tooth. Removing more bacteria and debris reduces the chance of root canal retreatment over time.  During the GentleWave procedure, a fluid tight seal is made over the top surface of the tooth.  The GentleWave procedure instrument(PI) is then placed on top of the tooth and cleansing fluids disinfect the inside of the tooth.  After the procedure, the root canal space is filled with gutta percha to help prevent reinfection. Currently, Creekside Endodontics is the only Lone Tree endodontist to offer the GentleWave procedure option.

Sedation Dentistry

Many patients experience fear or anxiety when  facing the idea of having a dental procedure completed, including root canal therapy.  There are several options available to enhance your experience .

Nitrous oxide sedation is the most common form  of dental sedation.  A nose piece is placed over your nose and you simply breath in and out. Nitrous oxide quickly leaves your body and many people return to work the same day.

Oral sedation provides a deeper for of sedation than nitrous oxide.  During oral sedation, patients take a series of pills and then relax in the office until they are ready for the procedure.  Oral sedation is often enhanced with nitrous oxide to provide a more profound effect. Not all dentista are permitted to combine forms of sedation, due to a special license requirement.  5280 Top Lone Tree Endodontist, Dr. Andrew Stubbs, has special licensure that allows oral sedation combined with nitrous oxide to provide a more complete sedation experience.

IV sedation is the gold standard of dental sedation and provides the deepest sedation when compared to oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation.  During IV sedation, medications are usually placed  in an IV located in your arm.  A nurse anesthetist will monitor your vital signs to insure safety.  IV sedation can help even the most anxious dental patients.


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